Our Blue Solarity

This year we did something that I have been wanting to do since at least 1970–power my shop purely by the light of the sun. We invested in a solar power array for the Samurai Woodworks studio, placed on our ample 8-in-12 pitch south-facing roofs. It is a bit scary taking this step, but I think it will ultimately be well worth it, not only in terms of helping with the bills, but helping with the world. I feels good to think that no more coal and gas will have to be burned to power this one small corner of it.

Not only does solar power generation save money over the far future, it’s a pretty incredible deal economically for the right-now: the federal government, and KCP&L, Kansas City’s electricity provider, both provide financial help towards ¬†solar power arrays. The installation here will cost us only a fraction of the total, something which made it economically possible for us to do at all. In addition, over the years we will have reduced shop electric bills that will more than pay for the investment.

Sun Source Homes of Kansas City did the installation for us. Wanna see? Here’s a video of their crew putting the project together:

As time goes by, I will watch to see how the unit performs. Perhaps I’ll post again in a few months, and share how well or poorly the new solar array works. Perhaps I’ll be¬†using only liquid golden sunshine to power the computer!


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